Ben Forshey

Victor Concrete, Inc.

In less than 1 week, a talented designer and I took this microsite from concept to completion. We’ve dramatically improved VCI’s website to better represent the quality of the company. This site is statically generated with Gatsby.js, using a self-hosted Wordpress REST API backend, consumed through GraphQL at build time.

The G.S. Haly Co.

I worked with a talented team to develop GS Haly’s company website. This site is statically generated with Hugo and dynamically updated through a custom Google Sheets Webhook to Node.js backend.

Web Catechism

This open-source remake of the New City Catechism (NCC) is my attempt to improve on a number technical shortcoming that I saw in the original NCC.

Times Now Roman

This is one of those crazy ideas that turns into good fun on the web. I wanted to make a clock to display the time in Roman Numerals, with an am/pm and hour of the watch—you know, for all the times you’re guarding a city.


This project was one of my earlier attempts at making a clock for a purpose. I developed this for my Air Force Reserve friends to help them determine (what they call) the Julian Date—used frequently on aircraft maintenance forms.