Ben Forshey

HTML 5.2 Changes

written January 8th, 2018; updated January 10th, 2018

I first saw this on my Twitter feed and followed to the source at Ire Aderinokun’s Bits of Code. She has a much more thorough writeup than this little list. If you want to dive into the Spec, the HTML 5.2 changelog has all the juicy details.

  • <div> can now be a valid child of a <dl> element
  • <style> element can now be withing the <body (though currently comes with a perf warning)
  • we’re moving forward with a native <dialog> element

I know it’s an edge case that’s already solved by React 16.2’s <React.Fragment>, but it’s nice that I can now return a <dd> and <dt> grouped by a containing <div> within JSX and still call it valid HTML.